Anno: 2020
Status: Concluso
Superficie: 180 mq
Sito: Sassari, Sardegna
Progetto: domECO
Barbara Pau



The project has involved the transformation of two apartments -not finished yet- into a ‘Domo’, a new kind of homestay as defined by the recent Legge Regionale n° 16 del 28/07/2017, Art. 16/2.

Domo, means house in Sardinian, and the accommodation facility is meant to be a modern and functional location, designed for travellers and professionals, leading to a simple and linear internal distribution where symmetry of floorplan allows the best of comfort and space use. The structure is called DOMU’.

At the entrance, an electric bike sharing service welcomes the guest, just before the reception, that through a luminous corridor facing the terrace leads to the living area where breakfast and special events will take place. The kitchen will be available to clients and, though little, is designed with all the necessary equipment.

Form this area is possible to access directly to the 6 rooms.

Due to the intense use of accommodation facilities, it was decided to use resistant materials, but elegant, that played on the duality of warm wooden tones and cold grey ones for ceramic tiles, fabric and mural finishes.

Passageway are tiled with wide gres tiles (Marazzi), while functional area and bedrooms are defined by industrial hardwood flooring (Original Parquet) that rises up on the wall, to further define functional areas.

In bedrooms and reception, in order to improve acoustic comfort and enhance a feeling of welcoming, sound-adsorbing fire repellent fabric boiserie have been installed. They are woven by Mariantoniaurru (Samugheo) and bore a design created by domECO and used to define DOMU’ logo and corporate branding (Studio Pubblicitario Poddighe).

In the bedrooms, the fabric boiserie are translated into headboards (Cabulè by domECO), slightly recessed and lit by a led strip.

White soffits and bands underline main functional areas and allow for equipment and lighting fixture to be recessed and hidden from view.

Terraces will be furnished and equipped to serve both the living are and the bedrooms, as private outdoor spaces for the guests.