dom ECO is an architectural team founded in Sardinia in 2013, based on the principles of collective work and shared knowledge, and enrolls a group of architects, engineers and technicians. The aim of sharing is to increase creative potential through the implementation of singular individual knowledge: at the moment dom ECO enlists three young architects and an engineer, but we frequently collaborate with other professionals depending on the project we are facing. The strength of our studio, is not only the will to share and to be open to new experiences, but also the young age and dynamic attitude of all the components, each with his/her own background acquired both in Italy and abroad.

The studio name “dom ECO” embodies the key intents of the group. Dom recalls ‘domo’ which means ‘house’ in Sardinian language, and represents our intention to get inspired by traditional Sardinian know-how and ‘ECO’ which recalls our intention to promote bio-housing, environmental design and green building studio procedures.
The duality of our name represents also our flexibility, as shown by the variety of projects we get involved into, spacing from pure architecture, to engineering projects, product and graphic design to art installation. So, ‘house’ is not only our name and the main target of our work, means also the studio has become a place for professionals, artisans and artists to collaborate and create; and is also the concept leading our working process, organized on the sharing of spaces and methods, possible through the implementation of BIM procedures.
Our motto is “ innovative and low cost solutions“: we aim to find the perfect balance of economical, energy, ethical and aesthetical components in all our projects, exploring every aspects of these factors with every new project we face and trying every time to find new solutions to satisfy all these aspects.

In fact, another key feature of our design processes, is sustainability, in all its forms: we believe that a project should be sustainable not only in terms of energy consumptions and CO2 emissions, but also in terms of economical cost and social impact.
This is why we design constantly trying to satisfy the client’s needs and budget, and at the same time bringing new spatial concepts, new technologies and materials into their houses or activities. Our research and studies recently led us to the development of new one-time product design projects, that we would like to upgrade to a real commercial products. All the products we design dabble on the theme of re-interpretation of classical object with the use of new materials, new technologies or graphics.