Anno: 2018
Status: Concluso
Superficie: 70 mq
Sito: Eden Beach, Sardegna
Progetto: domECO
Barbara Pau


Since the 50ies, Sardinia’s North Shore is characterized by moor inspired architecture for sea villas, with organic and round shapes that climaxed into Couelle’s Costa Smeralda villas and Dante Bini’s Shell in Costa Paradiso.
The older villas present an old internal distribution, that can’t satisfy the need of a young modern couple.
That’s why the project focused on the living and kitchen area, creating a wide open space that
takes advantage of the existing windows , offering charming view of the garden and sneak peeks of the sea close by.
Both the living room and the new toilet/laundry are characterized by soft curves embracing the outer original walls, characterized by a rougher plaster texture.
In the living room area an open kitchen can be connected to a tailor made table, which wings can be opened to reach the exact level of the kitchen counter top.
The fire place has been hidden in a plasterboard curvy pillar where a projector replaces tv. The sofa is made up of movable square pillows that allow a more flexible use of space.
Bedrooms and main toilet still keep their original shape.
Grey uniform resin was chosen for the floor, while walls are kept simply white. Wooden elements are all tailor made and are the only warm color chosen for the palette.
Textile and decor have little black details and accents.