Anno: 2022
Status: Concluso
Superficie: 230 mq
Sito: Sassari, Sardegna
Progetto: domECO
Foto: Cédric Dasesson (


The project involved the union of three attic units, located in a recently renovated building in one of the main squares of the historic center of Sassari.

The three residential units had a traditional floorplan, the lighting was guaranteed only by the velux , only in one of them a full height window overlooked the square.

The structural interventions carried out have allowed to overturn the spaces, creating a small pocket terrace and a large open space with a double height area, from which, even from the entrance to the house you can enjoy a small glimpse of the square.

The final result is that of a modern and elegant attic apartment, with different views and points of view that enlarge the space perceived.

The sleeping area remains detached from the living area, and overlooks the pocket terrace, expanding the spatial perception of the rooms.

The kitchen with island overlooks the terrace,too, and is carefully designed to remain open to the living area, while maintaining a large degree of privacy.

The two bathrooms are divided only by a mily white glass slab, placed between the two showers that guarantees effective natural lighting of the blind bathroom.

Finally, the living area is divided into different levels and via the custom carpentry stairs leads to the second entrance of the house and to the study.

In addition to the views and the extremely flexible distribution obtained, the most valuable feature of the project is certainly the massive carpentry work carried out, designed to the millimeter to make the most of the lower spaces of the attic, thus improving the visual perception of the rooms.

An alternation of led lit niches, infill bands and oak inserts guarantees a continuous carpentry boiserie throughout the house, from the living area to the bedrooms.

Every space, from the smallest wall unit to the basement is exploited with drawers and storage spaces.