Status: Incarico in corso
Sito: Düsseldorf, Germania
Progetto: domECO


The restaurant concept is based in dividing the service in specific areas each one related to a specifc group of foods, such as pasta, pizza, salads, taglieri (a olive tree wood cutting board with a selection with cheese, olives and ham slices).

Since the tagliere element is pointed out by the owner, to be the most peculiar, and the choice of industrial hardwood flooring and wall coating, is a tribute to the hardwood of which traditional cutting board are made of.

The particular ‘L’ shape of the floorplan forced the functions distribution to be divided into two main block. The entrance hosts the bar counter and the taglieri’s counter, more suitable for a quick lunch or an aperitivo. In the inner part of the restaurant are located the pasta, pizza and salad counters.

The furniture is meant to be simple, recalling traditional tables and tables, but avoiding the worn out image of dark wooden chair and white and red checkers tablecloths.